Poor Keri missed a couple of words while singing the national anthem at the Lakers vs. Hawks game.


Fuckery:Scarface School Play


How do YOU feel about this school play?

Spotted @RapRadarDotCom


Did this dude not know where the end of the stage was? LOL


Samuel Jackson Side-eye

Tonight is the 82nd annual Academy Awards and one of the highlights of the evening was Mo’Nique taking home the Oscar for best Female Supporting Actress. Peep Samuel Jackson’s side-eye reaction to the announcement. lol Congratulations Mo’Nique!

Mo’Nique’s Oscars Acceptance Speech

Gif: YN


Ron Artest Goes Blonde(pics)

Ron Artest is deciding to shake things up bit by taking a page from Dennis Rodman’s book, going blonde with chinese writings in his hair. Not a good look for Queens, but hopefully this can help the Lakers get back to winning. What do you think of the new look?

See more pics

Props BSO


Last night, D’Angelo was arrested yesterday after he offered an undercover cop $40 for a blowjob in a SUV on an NYC street. He also had 12 stacks on him. Damn D’Angelo and you only wanted pay her 40 bucks?? SMH.

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Comedian Lil Duval ended up on the same flight as Natalie Nunn from the Bad Girls Club. Sources say that he gave up his 1st class seat to sit next to the chin that claims to “RUNS L.A.” Hilarious!


New Music: Raaaaaaaandy- AaaaaaaangryNAH

Comedian Aziz Ansari A.K.A RAAAAAANDY has been working hard on his mixtape with Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio, but the two will not meet the release date in the above image. The reason? Bitch ass rappers aren’t sending in their verses. So RAAAAAANDY puts them on blast with this song. Hilarious!


Props NR

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