This the second release off Rap Radar’s The Mixtape Of The Year which drops November 16th. This track knocks


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Remember This? Well, here’s the trailer. The show will air Wednesdays at 10:30pm, beginning November 3rd on Centric. The show will then re-air on Saturday nights at midnight on BET. Here’s more details.


T.I. Talks Down Suicidal Jumper

Update- See Video Below

No… It’s not what you think, T.I. is not in trouble again. Mr. Harris became sort of a superhero today, helping authorities talk down a man who was threatening to jump off a downtown Atlanta building. Check out how this crazy story went down…..

It all went down earlier this afternoon — when cops responded to a 911 call about a man who was threatening to jump off a building in downtown Atlanta … the same building where the Ryan Cameron Radio Show is based.

We’re told T.I. heard about the jumper on the radio — and called Ryan Cameron to see if there was anything he could do to help out with the situation.

Ryan Cameron tells us … he told T.I. to roll over to the building, where the rapper met with police and recorded a heartfelt video message which cops then played for the man on the roof.

We’re told after the man saw T.I.’s video he agreed to step off the ledge … and met T.I. in the lobby, where the two were able to talk things out.



A new Big L album entitled “Return of The Devil’s Son” will be hitting stores on November 23rd. The project is being supported by his family and suppose to consist of unreleased material.


1.) “Return Of The Devils Son” (produced by Showbiz)
2.) “Devil’s Son (produced by Showbiz)
3.) “Zone Of Danger” (produced by J-Love)
4.) “Sandman 118”
5.) “School Days”
6.) “Principle Of The New School” (produced by Showbiz)
7.) “Unexpected Flava” (produced by Lord Finesse)
8.) “Tony’s Touch”
9.) “Right To The Top” f/Royal Flush & Kool G Rap (produced by Domingo)
10.) “Once Again” (produced by J-Love)
11.) “Harlem World Universal”
12.) “I Won’t”
13.) “Hard To Kill”
14.) “Power Moves”
15.) “If You Not Aware”
16.) “I Should Have Used A Rubber”
17.) “Doo Wop #5”
18.) “Yes You Can”
19.) “Audition”
20.) “MC’s What’s Going On” (produced by Showbiz)
21.) “Slaying The Mic”

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New video from Rihanna..Her new album LOUD drops Nov 16th.


Here is the packaging for Jay-Z boxed sets, Vol 1  drops November 2nd . There will be 2 versions available, the Deluxe Version contain an art book called  Jay-Z: An Illustrated History. The booklet will have photos from some of Jay’s biggest moments.

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50 Cent Inks $200 Million, 10 Film Movie Deal

Rapper/Actor 50 Cent has completed a $200 million dollar agreement with Grindstone Entertainment/Lionsgate to release a series of ten films. First film under the deal is entitled “Set Up,” which was written and directed by Mike Gunther. Paul Walker is in talks to star opposite Jackson in the heist action movie.

“The thing about ’50 Cent’ is that, just like in his music career, he isn’t someone who sits around and waits for things to get done. He came to me and said, ‘How do we move quicker on projects?’ With this new fund, we are able to do that. It’s very hard to raise equity today and we are lucky to have such great partners, including the amazing team of Barry Brooker and Stan Wertlieb of Grindstone and Joe Drake and Helen Kim at Lionsgate,”– Emmett (Cheetah Vision)



Ghostface Killah announced via Twitter today that his new album, The Apollo Kids, will be released on December 14th.

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