Most talked about Women of 2009


From getting beat up, doing interviews, dropping an album. Rihanna was all over everybody’s radar.

Michelle Obama

Besides being the first African American first lady, this year she also was the first person to share a cover with Oprah on her magazine.Looking foward to the next 4 years with her.

Nicki Minaj

She came in the industry just in time when the female rappers were slackin. Expect alot more from “The Black Barbie”



Is She a Ho or an Entrepeneur?

I want your opinion on this. This is a true story I am not making anything up, so lets get started:

This young lady is named Tierra. She is a “Web Model” (no porn, but nudity). She has a website:


Pretty young lady, not knowing her personality, but just basing off her looks I don’t think too many guys would not try to holla at her. With that being said there are millions of young ladies like her walking around. Nothing that special about her.


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