Jay Electronica & The Clipse Collabo?

This may actually go down!!? If it wasn’t enough that Jay Electronica ended 09 with a little hope left
for real hip hop, Now it looks like he’s about to make 2010 an interesting year for listeners. Via twitter today, Jay & Malice(from the clipse) made the link for this possible future collabo. And if
this does happen, all I ask for is a Kanye or Just Blaze beat.

In the meantime I give you Exhibit C…….



Most talked about Women of 2009


From getting beat up, doing interviews, dropping an album. Rihanna was all over everybody’s radar.

Michelle Obama

Besides being the first African American first lady, this year she also was the first person to share a cover with Oprah on her magazine.Looking foward to the next 4 years with her.

Nicki Minaj

She came in the industry just in time when the female rappers were slackin. Expect alot more from “The Black Barbie”



10) Johnny’s Reef- City Island (My Favorite) $15

Some of u might not know this Cafeteria style eatery all the way at the end of City island but come summer time its a great place to be! Get away from the Commercial appeal of Sammy’s and check this cheap hot spot out! For 20 bucks or less u can have enough seafood to fill u and drinks to have u stumble. I recommend the Planter’s Punch to get straight to the point (twisted). U can bring a big group and just have good time before the club on just to hang out.

9) Legal Seafood– Garden City (Roosevelt Field mall), $30 Huntington Station(Walt Whitman Mall) and White Plains (City Center)

No more Red Lobster! If u get a chance check out this Great Seafood spot do so! They have different types of fish to go with 5 different seasonings. Try the Signature Crab cakes as a meal or Appetizer. The wine selection is great!there is more to fish than Salmon and Catfish and Legal has it. I recently went with my friend after Xmas shopping and he had the chicken and even that was good! I think that says enough.



Lyor Cohen talks music industry

If you don’t know who Lyor Cohen is then you have been under a fucking rock. One of the most influential people in the music industry gives his thoughts on what he thinks is wrong with the industry today and what he wants his legacy to be. If you are trying to get in this industry pay attention but if you’re past 30 and trying to be a rapper then just STOP! its not happening..LOL!


Is She a Ho or an Entrepeneur?

I want your opinion on this. This is a true story I am not making anything up, so lets get started:

This young lady is named Tierra. She is a “Web Model” (no porn, but nudity). She has a website:


Pretty young lady, not knowing her personality, but just basing off her looks I don’t think too many guys would not try to holla at her. With that being said there are millions of young ladies like her walking around. Nothing that special about her.


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