Memorial to the Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting


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I heard this song via The Piano Guys and for some reason the first thing that came to mind was all of family and friends of those that lost their lives - how hard this Christmas and many more to come will be for them. Hope this helps in some ways to provide some kind of comfort during the holidays and beyond. The original song/video this is based upon: From The Piano Guys: I normally kind of stay away from politics but in this case as well as the other senseless shootings that have been carried out by what appears to be extremely mentally disturbed folks I have to point out that these folks almost always are using military style semi-automatic weapons with large clips in them which is how so many lose their lives or in the very least are wounded. Considering our "kids" in Washington seem to be far more interested in helping the richest of the rich increase their networth while @ the same time increasing our national debt vs. doing some things to make sure access to these type of weapons used in these mass killings - a suggestion would be to "irritate" as I like to say you represenatives if you feel inclined to do so and if they continue their "do nothing" attitude - remember this when elections come so as to put someone in office who might understand that lives of innocent folks are more important then helping out the rich increase their networth? No copyright infringment is intended or implied in any way. As with all of my videos - if you have come here to leave inmature negative comments - please know I do monitor comments and have zero problems removing them as well as blocking the user. Thank You! MarlinMR7