SNK vs. Capcom Chaos [Arcade] - Demitri (with both true endings)


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This is a playthrough using Demitri Maximoff in the Arcade MVS version of SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos. Read on below for more information... Demitri is one of the six possible mid-bosses in the game. He is a hidden playable character in both the Neo-Geo MVS and AES versions of it. ===== HOW TO SELECT DEMITRI ===== On the character select screen, press and hold [START] to activate the random/roulette cursor. Now input the following: Right, Right, Right, Left, Up, Right, Down, Up. Now press any attack button with [START] still held down, and Demitri will be selected. ===== ABOUT DEMITRI MAXIMOFF ===== Demitri is a vampire and main character from the Darkstalkers fighting game series by Capcom. In SvC Chaos, his portraits and gameplay sprites have been designed in a way that differs greatly from his original appearances in the Darkstalkers games. Some say he looks better in SvC Chaos than he ever did in Darkstalkers. Gameplay-wise, he is perhaps the most unique character in the game, mainly because he actually has chain combos (like in the Darkstalkers games)... the interesting thing is that the chains he has in SvC Chaos seem to be slightly more flexible and advanced than his Darkstalkers counterpart. He is one of the few characters to have two different true endings - one for beating Red Arremer and one for beating Athena. In this video you can see both of them as follows: 19:16 - ending for defeating Red Arremer 19:56 - ending for defeating Athena ===== ADDITIONAL INFORMATION / TRIVIA ===== ---- He is one of the few characters in the game to have two proper endings (one for beating Athena and one for beating Red Arremer). ---- Remember his teleport dashes into angled Demon Cradles in Darkstalkers? He still has this in SvC Chaos. However it's done in an unorthodox way where you hold [LK] + [HP] and "dash" by pressing F then B or B then F. Then when you do the Demon Cradle during the forwards teleport dash, you get the angled one. ---- His Exceed move is an even bigger version of his EX Chaos Flare fireball. This is a unique move for him only in SvC Chaos. ---- There are no "wind" sound effects for his chain combo basics. ---- His blocking sprites are of his demonic form. This is different to his blocking sprites in Darkstalkers where he remained as "human" whilst using his cape to wrap his body. ---- In SVC Chaos, his last name is misspelt as "Maximov". ===== ABOUT SVC CHAOS ===== SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos is basically SNK's mainstream attempt at the crossover fighting game with Capcom. It was not as popular as Capcom's two CvS games, but SvC did develop quite a significant fanbase among certain groups. The gameplay is your typical SNK system, it is somewhat similar to KOF and is quite technical. Combos are generally hard to pull off because it requires precision and also because there generally tends to be "less possibilities" when compared to a SFA or CvS game. Graphics-wise, I think SNK did a very job at depicting the Capcom characters in the "SNK" style, they are very detailed sprites with impressive animation... M.Bison's chipmunk face and his waving hand in his neutral stance will always be a classic. Dare I say that I would have wanted to see more Capcom characters in this SNK style. One of the best things about this game is definitely the pre-fight character dialogue exchanges. Every character has a unique dialogue exchange with every character... they really do give you an insight into each character's personality and their relationships with each other. If you like this kind of thing, then SvC is for you.