Grateful Dead 9/22/1991 Boston, MA


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GRATEFUL DEAD 9/22/1991 Boston Garden Boston, MA ***Under Law of Fair Use. For educational purposes only. No copyrights infringements intended*** Never Buy Or Sell Live Music Recordings/Videos! DVDs COURTESY OF: TaperGuy27, Tom and Ray Set 1 Shakedown St CC Rider-- Lot to Laugh Me & My Uncle-- Maggies Farm Brown Eyed Woman Let It Grow Set 2 Sampson & Delilah Aiko Aiko L.L. Rain He's Gone-- Nobody's Fault but Mine-- Spoonful-- Drums--Space-- Last Time-- Stella Blue-- Sugar Magnolia -------- Knockin On Heaven's Door SOURCE INFO: AUDIO: DSBD--DAT--CD-R--EAC--WAV--ADDAWAV--CDRWAV--SHN (via MKWACT) DVD_LPCM_AUDIO VIDEO: LOW GEN VHS--STANDALONE--MPEG2 VIA MPEGEDITOR MPEG2 USED TO SYNCH AUDIO IN VEGAS 6.0 THEN .WAV + MPEG2 MULTIPLEXED IN EDITOR AUDIO: ARCHIVE.ORG VIDEO PROVIDED BY: TOM P. VIDEO CAPTURED BY: RAY B. AUTHORED/SYNCHED/SEEDED BY: TAPERGUY27