TOP 20 ARABIC SONGS (WEEK 01, 2019): Mohamed Ramadan, Cheb Bilal, Elissa & more!


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Check out this week's TOP 20 ARABIC SONGS featuring new entries by Elissa, Adham Seliman, Ramy Gamal, Ragheb Alama, Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Dunia Batma, Moustafa Alabdullah, Esraa Alasel, Amal Maher, Saif Nabeel, Mahmoud El Esseily, Mohamed Benchenet, Cheb Bilal, Cheb Souad, Bushra, Don Bigg and Mohamed Ramadan! TOP 20 ARABIC SONGS OF WEEK 01, 2019 🔥🎶 1. Mohamed Ramadan - Mafia 2. Don Bigg - 170 KG 3. Bushra - Kobra 4. Adham Nabulsi - Howeh El Hob 5. Cheba Souad & Hichem Smati - Le Monde Blabik Khawi 6. Cheb Bilal - Munafiqun 7. Mohamed Benchenet - Fi Bladi Dalmoni 8. Mahmoud El Esseily – Waga'a El Hawa 9. Fnaire ft. Nora Fatehi - Dilbar 10. Saif Nabeel - Habne 11. Amal Maher - Yama Azz Alaya Beadak 12. Saad Lamjarred - Baddek Eih 13. Esraa Al Aseel & Noor Alzien - Nazar Einy 14. Moustafa Alabdullah, Ali Jassim, Salah Hassan & Evan Naji - Al Ahbab 15. Dunia Batma - Elzaman bedour 16. Abdul Majeed Abdullah - Allah Alaik 17. Ragheb Alama - Redelli Kelmati 18. Ramy Gamal - El Bard 19. Adham Seliman - Lesa Faker 20. Elissa - Bokra Btechroq Shams ElAied 2019, 01 أفضل 20 اغاني العربية للأسبوع -------------------------------------------------- ► SUBSCRIBE for new videos every week: ► Follow us on INSTAGRAM: ► Follow our SPOTIFY playlist: -------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: -------------------------------------------------- WHAT'S THE ARAB TOP 20 BASED ON? The order of this Arabic music chart is based on the amount of YouTube views a video got during the last 7 days. We also look at which Arabic songs are trending on YouTube in the various Arabic countries. If a song for example is trending in more than just one country it has a bigger chance to get into the chart. We strive to make a diverse list of songs that represents the great variety Arabic music has to offer. This might mean that some songs get priority over other songs in order to guarantee the desired diversity in our chart. -------------------------------------------------- TOP 20 ARABIC SONGS BEST ARABIC SONGS 2019 NEW ARABIC SONGS 2019 TOP ARABIC HITS 2019 BEST ARABIC MUSIC 2019 ARABIC HITS 2019 MOST VIEWED ARABIC SONGS #arabicsongs #arabtop20 #arabsounds #arabicmusic