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Atlanta Rhythm Section The ten songs that make up ARS' self-titled debut album were recorded at Studio One in Doraville, GA in Nov. 1971. Producer/songwriter Buddy Buie wrote nine of the songs in partnership with others in the band. While the sound of the album may have become a little dated over time, what still comes through today are two traits that ARS was starting to refine and would prove to be their strong points over the years-great songwriting and excellent musicianship. From the opening Love Me Just a Little (Sometime) to the instrumental Earnestine, the acoustic version of Another Man's Woman and the rock of Yours and Mine, ARS began laying a solid musical foundation for future albums. Title 1. "Love Me Just A Little (Sometime)" (Nix, Daughtry, Buie) 6:05 2. "Baby No Lie" (Nix, Daughtry, Buie, Bailey) 3:51 3. "All In Your Mind" (Buie, Cobb) 3:16 4. "Earnestine" (Nix, Daughtry, Bailey, Goddard) 2:33 5. "Forty Days And Forty Nights" (Bramblett, Causey, Jones) 4:21 6. "Another Man's Woman (It's So Hard)" (Nix, Daughtry, Buie) 4:46 7. "Days Of Our Lives" (Buie, Bailey, Cobb) 3:12 8. "Yours And Mine" (Nix, Buie) 2:39 9. "Can't Stand It No More" (Buie, Cobb, Justo) 4:02 10. "One More Problem" (Nix, Daughtry, Buie, Bailey) 3:08 It was originally released on the Decca label DL75265. It was produced by Buddy Buie.